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Online AI Machine Learning Course with 100% Job Guarantee

Training Details

CRBtech is happy to offer an artificial intelligence course online for the candidates who yearn to learn from a place and time of their preference. In the aforementioned training programme, you will learn particularly about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.


The method of enabling human intelligence into machines is called artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the deployment of algorithms for data analyzing, data parsing and reading are to obtain information from the data, this process is called machine learning. The decisions controlled by machine learning do not need manual engagement. Moreover, deep learning is a minute part of machine learning. In deep learning machines, there are several layers used to elicit the information from the data. Its name has been taken from deep neural networks.

  • Duration : 6 Months
  • Sessions : 550+
Online AI Machine Learning Course

An online deep learning course will provide you intense knowledge and assist you in growing into a successful professional in this domain.


Machine learning, AI, big data, and automation are some of the evolving technologies that are shaping future of many individuals. They have a huge impact on various sectors like finance, agriculture, healthcare, banking, gaming, and marketing. Thus, this is a very good time and opportunity for candidates to get into this domain, which has varied career choices by joining the best online machine learning course.


On an average, the income of a fresher goes around Rs 6 lakhs yearly. On another side, an experienced professional can earn around Rs 50 lakhs per annum. The median in this profession may earn around Rs 14.3 lakhs yearly.


Study practically, the concepts of AI, machine learning, and deep learning by joining the best machine learning online training programme.


We CRBtech provide one of the best AI courses online for the candidates. Hereabouts we also provide hands-on practical training along with a 100% job guarantee.


Join us now and get ready with the basic knowledge of analytics, range of algorithms, probability, problem-solving ability, statistics, and machine learning.

About Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Programme

There are several training institutes that offer formal artificial intelligence online courses. If you are looking to approach any of those, it is highly suggested to see if that training facilitator has prolonged association with the artificial intelligence online training domain. If it is so, then you are sure to get quality training with exposure latest skill-sets, making you ready for the industry.

CRBtech is one of the top online training providers which offers comprehensive training in artificial intelligence online course. Our online training program is designed specifically to polish your skill-sets and mold you into an expert.


Join us and get well trained on all the advanced technologies, concepts, and softwares used in this domain.

Training Programme Outline

The syllabus of our online deep learning course is as follows:


  • Programming Fundamentals
  • AI fundamentals
  • More APIs
  • Real time project development
  • A revolution in AI
  • Neural Networks


Additional modules listed under our artificial intelligence online course are as follows:


  • Soft skills
  • Enhance your technical bilingual skills
  • Aptitude

What You Get

  • An online course with funding of upto Rs. 1,00,000
  • Upgrade your technical bilingual skills to the next level with us
  • You will be provided with national or international placements
  • We provide a lifetime support assistance
  • Unlimited Placement calls
  • Job oriented training.
  • GD-PI & Aptitude preparations.
  • Technical GD & Foreign Language sessions.
  • Language training sessions will be held
  • Earn to Learn
  • Learn from corporate trainers.
  • Collaboration with 500+ clients.
  • HR grooming & Mock interview sessions
  • Project guidance on latest technologies

Who we are?

CRBtech is known to be a sought after training and career development company. With an experience in this particular field for over 15 years, our focus has always been to train engineers in domains like Clinical Research, IT, Mechanical, Electrical etc. For the overall development of the candidate, we not only target on the technical training part, but also cover soft skill development, foreign language coaching etc. These add-on skills facilitate 360° development of the candidates. Till date, we have taken 550+ sessions and placed them in various companies. We assist them to plan out their career path with a promising start in the industry. CRBtech being anAI Training Institute in Pune, has got a 500+ placement client base. That implies, a sea of placement opportunities for job seekers. After all, we believe that “Jobs are owned by company and you own your career!”


The visa will be processed by the companies who hire you.

Japan, Europe, USA and Australia are the countries where you will get placement opportunities.

Your language proficiency level should be mid-level to mid-high level to get placed abroad. We will train you for the same.

Yes. There will be an agreement

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